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ConCor Bakery: part 1

Posted on Jan 25, 2010 by in Techniques, Updates |

I recently started working on a plastic model, the Bakery from ConCor.  It is a rather simple kit, representing a brick building with large windows.  I chose this building since it looks similar to many of the old commercial buildings around Oakland, CA.

I was rather surprised upon opening the box and finding a model molded in a shiny dark blue, and the detail parts in a bright green.  I almost gave up right there, until I looked a little closer and noticed the fine detail molded into the walls of the kit.  I quickly cleaned the parts and assembled them in the magnetic jig, as shown in the last post.  Here is a picture of the assembled walls in the jig:

After using a solvent type glue to assemble the major parts of the model I primed the building inside and out, using a gray primer.  My first attempt at painting the brick was to drybrush the brick color directly over the primer, with rather poor results (still kinda blue).

After this rather poor result I went to the internet for ideas to paint the bricks.  I visited the NMRA website for ideas, which I will discuss in the next post.