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Walthers Champion Packing Co. Part 1: Construction of walls.

Posted on Apr 2, 2010 by in Techniques, Updates |

My newest project was the Champion Packing Co. from Walthers Cornerstone Series.  I became interested in this model because some of my relatives work in the meat packing industry.

After cleaning the flash from the walls and removing them from the sprues, I test fit them and held them in place with blue painter’s tape.  Assembling the walls in this manner allowed me to quickly glue the walls together using a solvent type cement.  I found that if I applied pressure on each joint about 5 min. after I had applied the glue that it formed a much cleaner and tighter bond.  Any excess I wiped off as quickly as possible.

I built the other major assemblies before removing the tape from each.  When using solvent type cement it can be important to leave it until the glue has had enough time to dry thoroughly.  The most difficult assembly was the smokestack.  The parts were slightly warped and this added to the difficulty.  Unfortunately I broke one of the sections during the assembly process.  This ended up not being much of a problem as I was able to glue the pieces back together.  A little putty applied in the correct place made the crack invisible.  The emery board was very useful in sanding parts to ensure a good fit.



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