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Walthers Champion Packing Co. Part 2: Painting the walls red

Posted on Apr 12, 2010 by in Techniques, Updates |

The next step was too put a primer coat on all of the major pieces.  I did not worry too much about the inside as I don’t intend on putting any interiors into these buildings.  My reasoning on this is that most of the commercial buildings I see are so coated in dirt and grime that you can’t see anything through the windows anyways.

I found a useful trick when spray painting, a way of curing drips from too heavy of spray (it can happen to anyone who is not paying enough attention).  I used canned air to spread the drips out, making it almost impossible to see where they had been.   I suppose that this technique might work with airbrushing as well (just turn the paint off and spray) but I hope not to need it.

Once the primer had dried I airbrushed the brick color onto the walls.  In the process of this I managed to run out of my primary color and had to go to the hobby store to get more.  Unfortunatly they were out of the exact color.  I chose a couple of other similar colors and used them to fill in as needed.  In the long run this actually helped in that it changed the color of the brick in different areas, helping out with the weathering.  It took me about 3 coats to get the red to completely cover the primer color.

I think that this picture was taken after the second coat, as it shows some bare patches near the top.