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Walthers Champion Packing Co. Part 4: Weathering of the brick and final touchup.

Posted on Apr 27, 2010 by in Techniques, Updates |

On this model I decided to use one of the weathering powders that are available through a couple of different manufactures.  As you can see from the large splashes of color,  I found out the hard way that they don’t act like chalks.  Instead of being chalk they are made directly from pigment that has been ground into powder.

The large splashes of color actually helped the final look by breaking up the look of the building, making it look like many of the brick buildings I see around in Oakland, CA.  Using real buildings as inspiration for modeling has excellent results.  I often finding myself taking pictures of buildings, not because I like the building, but because it has a texture that I can use on a model with a similar design.

After making sure that I had covered all of the brick on the building I took the time to carefully touch up all of the details.  This was very important to do at this time because I intended to use my airbrush for the final weathering coat.  After the touch-up work I used fine ballast from Woodland Scenics and covered all of the roof surfaces.  I attached it using their Scenic Cement, which I must say is an amazing product.  I found that painting the surface to be covered with thin layer of the glue and then sprinkling the ballast on worked well.  I was able to use a medicine dropper and fill in any areas that I missed.  A light dry-brush of light gray and white picked out the detail of the “graveled” roof.