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Building of a module, part 7: Framework and Plaster Cloth

Posted on Aug 4, 2010 by in Product Review, Techniques, Updates |

I cut out the area where I wanted the ice house  to go as I found out that the ice house had been set for the height of track plus cork.  I lowered the model by the amount needed and used strips of cardboard to build the structure for the plaster cloth.   I used hot glue and staples to hold the pieces together and to the edges of the table.

The nice thing about using hot glue and staples was that you don’t have to wait very long for it to set.  This was my first attempt at using plaster cloth, before I had used the paper towel and plaster of paris method.  I was quite impressed by this product for several reasons.  The first was the ease of use, you simply cut a portion (or tear, which I found to be too messy) dip it in water and drape it in place.  I made sure to overlap each area with two layers going in different directions for added strength.  The second reason I was so impressed with this product was the complete lack of mess (ok a couple small drips, but that was it) compared to the previous methods.