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Update: GOP wiring, track work, fascia

Posted on Sep 7, 2011 by in Techniques, Updates |

I have been really busy lately, working on several different projects at once.  Most of the work has been on my home layout, the GOP (Get Out n’ Push).

I have completed most of the track, with only two switches left to install and the siding they support.  Wiring has been coming along slowly, in part through waiting for my NCE Power Cab, which showed up the other day.  I am also waiting for a reversing unit and a circuit breaker to complete the wiring.  So far I have installed three of the nine Tortoise switch machines.

I have also installed part of the fascia across the front of the module, unfortunately I was unable to get more tempered hardboard and instead used luan plywood.  I don’t think that this will work as well especially as it does not bend as far.

I ran a small switcher engine on DC power the other day, it was great to finally be able to run something, only if it was a couple of feet.