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Installing Rock Castings on the Get Out & Push railroad.

Posted on Feb 26, 2012 by in Techniques, Updates |

Another view of my heavy equipment collection.

Heavy equipment

The tow yard, a Woodland Scenics kit.

Woodland Scenics Tow Yard

My most recent project, completing the wiring on the meat packing module (my first one).  I ran the bus wires and used suitcase connectors (displacement connectors) to make the connections.  Also seen in this picture are two of the blue-point switch machines.  I still have several more to install, and I intend to try model aircraft control rods to activate them.

Wiring GOP

Here is one of the connection points between the modules.  I still am using a clamp as I expect to move the modules a couple of feet before connecting them semi-permanently (well, if and when I move it will come apart) by screwing them together.

Wiring GOP 2