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Get Out & Push Layout Update: Building placement and more.

Posted on Mar 15, 2012 by in Techniques, Updates |

As usual I am working on my layout in fits and spurts.  After completing the plaster work I painted it with cheap indoor house paint in a brown color (got it on sale for about $15 for a gallon at my local hardware store).  These next couple of pictures show how I will be placing the building models to complete the scene.


building placement for GOP

building placement for GOP

building placement for GOP

This space will be for my log pond. It is a piece of Masonite that I screwed into the bench-work and filled the edges in with plaster cloth. I will paint it a kinda murky greenish brown and add logs before pouring the water material.

pond for GOP

And this post would not be complete without another picture of my trestle, on which I have added another bent since the previous pics.