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JL Innovative Design: Labosky’s Motorcycle Repair

Posted on Apr 9, 2012 by in Product Review, Techniques, Updates |

One of my recent acquisitions was Labosky’s Motorcycle Repair from JL Innovative Design.  I think that this is the third kit from them that I have built, and like the others it seems to be a decent model so far.  It does take a bit of work to prepare the walls and such, unlike a laser cut model, but the end results are pretty good.


This is a front view before the touch-up, and still a window to install.  Inside I have a printed interior that I used from the Window Designer software from Evan Designs.  I also installed light behind so that it will be back lit.
JL Labowski's


Another view…and oops wrong shade of black along the roof.
Jl Labowski's


Here is a pic of the early construction, showing me gluing the two sections together.
JL Labowski's

Another method of clamping, yeah pimento jar aka. brush cleaner aka. weathering solution.
JL Labowski's clamping

Currently I am working on the final details and designing custom signs for it.