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Ramblings inspired by podcasts 2

Posted on May 2, 2012 by in Random/cool, Updates |

Continuing from where I left off in the previous post:

Around this period I recieved my first Athearn locomotive…a major improvement to the Tyco and Lifelike.  It was an F7 unit painted for Amtrack.

Scenery on the home layout was not very good…dyed green sawdust representing grass (poorly I might ad) and some lichen directly out of the the box in all of its multi-colored glory.

This display was wired for DC, using a dual cab control.  This allowed for the operation of two trains at once, if you were able to switch everything correctly.  I can recall doing this with one of my brothers, trading between the inside and outside loops and hoping it did not cause a derailment (the usual result).

The layout stayed in this form until we moved, where it was put into storage for a time.

Around the age of 16 I moved into my great grandmother’s house to keep an eye on her, and the layout was set up in her garage.  While it was here myself and one of my brother’s removed the massive guacamole mountain and started using extruded foam to create new scenery.  Unfortunately for the layout, I only lived in this location for about a year and a half and the layout was moved back into storage – where it resided to this day.

While the layout was in storage my interest moved away from model trains into table top wargames.  For several years I was interested in Warhammer and Warhammer 40K.  This hobby brought me into the world of assembling and painting miniatures.  This was also my introduction into the art of drybrushing.  After 5-6 years I got tired of the wargames and began to focus more on school and other activities.

Fast forward about 5 years:  One day as I was on my way to get lunch I saw a sign advertising a model train show not far from my house (I never did make it to lunch that day).

This was my introduction to the San Leandro Historical Railway Society, which I have been a member of every since and am currently the chairperson of the scenery committee and the superintendent for the HO scale display.  Quite the improvement since I started in the club with no model railroad equipment whatsoever.  Once I started in SLHRS I began to slowly accumulate equipment, until I was given a substantial amount of HO scale equipment by my wife’s uncle (thanks again Gary) as he was unable to continue in the hobby.

To this day I am still interested mostly in logging railroads, an interest that started early on through the pictures of the famous Pacific Northwest railroad photographer Darius Kinsey.