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Ramblings inspired by podcasts

Posted on May 1, 2012 by in Random/cool, Updates |

Lately I have been listening to a couple of different podcasts about model railroading, these include: Model Rail Radio, the Model Railcast Show, the Model Railroad Hobbyist, the Model Railway Show, the Observation Car Podcast, and the Scotty Mason Show. I found all of these on iTunes, and can strongly recommend each of them.
These podcasts led to a train of though of how I got involved in the hobby of model railroading. As I can recall model railroading for me started with a Tyco train-set, the army one if I remember correctly. I might have set this up on the carpet once or twice (shudder) and then on the kitchen table.
Not long after my dad built a 5×9 table out of a sheet of 3/4 plywood, set on sawhorses. I can recall the first two loops that were nailed into place and running trains around like slot cars. This table was painted the most hideous color of light green (left over old house paint I think).
The loops lasted a short time and then work on the layout began. It was based upon an extended plan featured in the Model Railroad that Grows book from Lynn Westcot.
I remember reading the book, but never really tried anything from it.
Around this time my dad got another train set for Christmas…a lifelike UP model of some sort.

After the track had been laid it was time to start upon the scenery. We started this monster of a mountain using chicken wire covered in a layer of paper-mache made with plaster. This was then covered with more plaster. All in all I believe there was over 150lbs of plaster used on this mountain. We painted this mountain using spray-paint…the end result was a mountain that looked like guacamole.