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Walthers Lasercut Shack Pack

Posted on May 26, 2012 by in Product Review, Updates |

At a recent trip to a semi-local hobby shop, Just Trains in Concord, Ca. I picked up the Walthers Shack Pack, a laser-cut card and paper kit.

Overall I think that they turned out pretty well, although I intend to weather them with chalk powders before placing them on the layout.


As I have found with other Walthers kits the directions were a little vague, being nothing more than exploded diagrams, though they do show these in a couple of steps.
Written directions or clear photos would definitely help. My only other complaint was that the detail sheet was not of the peel and stick variety, however a toothpick and glue did the trick. The best thing about this kit was that it was around $12 for five small buildings.