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Scenery and other updates on the Get Out & Push rr.

Posted on Aug 29, 2012 by in Random/cool, Techniques, Updates |

And without further ado, here are some more pictures of the recent work on my model railroad.
GOP background

The picture above shows how I use poly fiber to create thick underbrush.  Basically I stretch out the poly fiber very thin, coat liberally with hairspray and then sprinkle with ground foam of a couple different shades and sizes.

The picture below shows examples of some of the trees I have been working on.  The ones in the back are just in the temporarily before I remove the white powder and put a layer of underbrush in place.  I see from the pictures that I should also drybrush the tree trunks with a little grey to kill the shine.  With the trees I use mostly the conifer blend from Woodland Scenics, but sprinkle a little bit of yellow grass in to make it pop.  Varying the amount of yellow from tree to tree helps in adding to the detail.

GOP background

This has to be my favorite picture so far…I am liking how it is starting to turn out.  I still need to add some more vegetation along the cliff face.  Maybe I will apply static grass…that could be fun.

GOP tunnel

Continuing the tour of the model railroad (in case you forgot…not quite there yet).

Below is the upper half of my waterfall scene, on which I have just applied the Woodland Scenics Water Effects.  After squirting it into the rough areas I wanted to cover I used a plastic fork (both ends) to create the texture of the water into shape.  I tried to think of how water would travel down a similar slope and pushed it into those shapes.  The final step for this scene will be to create the waterfall itself.

woodland scenics water effects

Another view, luckily the stuff will dry clear – allowing me to highlight only the waves I want later.

woodland scenics water effects