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Review of the Brightech LED Magnification Desk Lamp

Posted on Nov 21, 2018 by in Product Review, Tools |

A little more than a month ago I was given this awesome LED desk lamp to review.  It is the Lightview LED Light & Magnifier – Dimmable & 2 Light Colors- Clamp.  Upon opening the box I was immediately impressed by how well it was packaged, and how sturdy the lamp was constructed.

Starting at the bottom of the lamp: the desk clamp was surprisingly beefy and well constructed, unlike many of my previous desk lamps.    The clamp is very strong, I expect that it will last a very long time.

Moving up the lamp: I like how the arms are protected so that it would be very difficult to pinch yourself (a common problem with my previous desk lamp).

It has a quite large magnification lens with a cover, making it very useful for working on small models.   Magnification of up to 225%

The switch to turn the lamp on is located on the head and is very robust.  There is a very slight delay and the lamp turns on to a medium setting.
Once you turn the lamp on you get to one of the best features of this lamp: the ability to change the brightness and also the color temperature. These are done with a couple of touch sensitive buttons.

Being able to change the color temperature is very useful to me. I can change how the light affects the colors and the contrast of the miniature I am painting. This is very important to ensure that my miniatures appear how I want them, in the widest range of  lighting.

I rate this lamp 10 out of 10. The lamp is very well built and has many features that work well for my hobbies.

It is available here:



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